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An innovative approach to what we do gives us unlimited possibilities. We combine technology, we think creatively, we take challenges, we act immediately and it is under time pressure. We design, construct, manufacture, install and service.

Powerful production capacity, only the best printing machines, new technologies of advertisements production – we will use this while working for you. Having all of our production under one roof, we permanently control the quality of our products, we know our capabilities and limitations, we solve problems before they appear.

Kreativia was responsible for remodelling and marking Morena Shopping Mall premises in Gdansk during the rebranding works conducted at this facility in 2016. As a frequent partner of Carrefour Poland Sp. z o.o. we committed to the implementation of the Visual Information System, which was designed by Brandsquare.

C.H. Morena

Kreativia was responsible for remodeling and marking the object CH Morena in Gdansk during conducted at this facility works rebranding in 2016. As a frequent partner of Carrefour Poland Sp. o.o. We committed to the implementation of the Visual Information System, which is owned by Brandsquare.

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In 2015 Kreativia was responsible for execution of Visual Information System of the Higher School of Banking in Gdańsk. A unified system referred to the architectural characteristics of the object, and the graphic motifs referred to history of the city of Gdańsk.

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Starting from 2008 we are responsible for supporting Selgros and Transgourmet chains in terms of signage and decoration. At that time, we also carried out the rebranding of the entire Selgros chain in Poland consisting of 17 sales halls.

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In 2011 Kreativia was responsible for refreshing the image of the Giant Meble shopping centre. We have designed a new logo and changed the interior design and the façade of the object.

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In March 2015 we were responsible in Atrium Copernicus shopping mall in Toruń for the production and implementation of visual information system designed by Brandsquer company.

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    • All technologies of large-format printing in one place
    • Latex - UV - Sublimation
    • Printing on rigid materials and roll materials
    • Cutting and CNC formatting, modern bindery
  2. Smart Frame
    • Wall decorations in shops, shopping malls, hotels
    • Separating sales space and arranging shop
    • Screens in conference rooms and communication zones
    • Graphics in office buildings, suspended ceilings, paintings
    • Production of advertising and labelling
    • 3D letters, pylons and advertising panels,
      spacious advertising
    • Atypical, serial and individual projects
    • POS, POP, displays, packaging
    • Textile exhibition systems
    • Information and advertising labelling
    • Shopping malls, hotels, commercial buildings and public buildings
    • Reconstruction of shopping malls, commercial buildings
    • Decoration and identification items
    • Rebranding and remodelling
    • Painting, refreshing and changing the colour of objects
    • Furniture, advertising constructions, exhibitions and trade fairs
  7. EXPO
    • Advertising walls of exhibition booth with possibility of backlighting
    • Elliptic or cuboid spatial suspending forms
    • Rectangular forms with print on four walls, illuminated or not
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