We do what others don't

An innovative approach to what we do gives us unlimited possibilities. We combine technology, we think creatively, we take challenges, we act immediately and it is under time pressure.

We design, construct, manufacture, install and service.

Powerful production capacity, only the best printing machines, new technologies of advertisements production – we will use this while working for you. We invest in innovative high-end machines, we do not accept half-measures because we are aware that such action restricts us and has a negative impact on our business partners. We accept only the highest quality of our products.

For some of you we are recognized under the brand Bartgrafic, it is part of Kreativia group, which was created to combine creative solutions and production of advertising. Thanks to the synergy of our brands, there are no difficult projects for us. Ability to design and immediate prototyping allows us to fine-tune all products in the smallest elements. With production under one roof, we permanently control the quality of our products, we know our capabilities and limitations, we solve problems before they appear.

In Kreativia, we organize production processes and design according to the principles of Kaizen, whose basic principle is continuous commitment and the desire to constantly improve the quality of the company and the product.We realize how important service of orders at all stages is for our partners

In our company, all the projects are assigned to a permanent team specially assigned to your implementation. We successfully realize and realized projects in Poland and throughout Europe, distances are not a barrier for our assembly teams, we have completed assembly in Germany, Spain, Romania, Ireland and France.


This amazing feeling, when you know the potential of your coworkers and you have the opportunity, to use it. This people stands behind Kreativia’s success. Now, they will contribute in the success of your investment.

Kreativia is people,
People are Kreativia.
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Bartosz Kosiba
Bartosz Kosiba
Hanna Kosiba
Hanna Kosiba
Business partners

Business relationships are mutual interactions, which are based on people. These are not one-sided relations. In Kreativia, intentionally, we are not using the word ‘client’. We believe in partnership, we care for professionalism, honestly and business integrity, which leads us to the long-term cooperation.

Working with you every day strengthens us in the believe, that our approach is the key to the mutual goal of development and let us create new solutions.

How can we help you?
Write to us kontakt@kreativia.pl

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