See how we produce our letters


Using the latest 3D letter production technology allows us to produce the most imaginative and complex spatial forms.

3D Letters

Digital machines for tape and profiles bending used in the production of 3D letters allow us to produce precise, large size characters of excellent quality.

We have digital tape bending machines and profiles for the production of 3D letters, allowing for the production of both high quality and large characters. The availability of various materials, plastics, LED lighting and the ability to use them, gives us the ability to create surprising products.

Automatic Letter Bender ALB Uni 180

-bends both tapes and profiles
- height 180 mm, thickness up to 2 mm
- minimum bending radius 7 mm
- two cutting systems for aluminum
and stainless steel

Automatic Letter Bender ALB Eco 130

bends aluminum tapes
height 130 mm, thickness up to 1 mm
minimum bending radius 12 mm

Our lettering features solidity, precision in construction, robust design and rich color palette. We strive to make each of our products stand out with an exclusive look and aesthetic finish.

Advertising pylons

This technology and ingenuity give us the opportunity to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Through the use of modern and innovative methods of forming and processing materials, we create various advertising forms that will make you and your customers feel.

KREATIVIA is not only an advanced technology and precision production. With every project done, they are constantly hungry for challenges and are ready to work with qualified builders, engineers and graphic designers.

milling machines CNC

Production of creative advertising requires the highest precision of cutting and forming materials. In this task we are very effective in helping us to precision CNC milling machines, which do not have impossible tasks.

Zund G3 XL

obszar roboczy 223/320 cm
moduły tnąco bigujące, frezarka
idealna precyzja cięcia
wycinanie dowolnych wształtów

Infotec 3020

obszar roboczy 210x310 cm
cięcie i frezowanie tworzyw
obróbka materiałów do grubości 10 cm