Transparent protective glass for desks and shop counters

Acrylic glass covers for counters and desks help to protect and hygiene employees serving customers, while not limiting visibility for both sides. Our simple countertop glass system was created for service points in public institutions, pharmacies, banks or sales points, where transparent protective barriers on counters are simply necessary to protect employees and customers.

Clear acrylic glass - multitude of applications

A plexiglass cover separates the customer from service providing a protective barrier for both sides. Lightweight, portable and stable cover for placing on counters and countertops. The hole in the glass allows you to exchange cash and documents. A specially developed Plexiglas fastening system allows you to connect many modules together and is very elegant.

Use plexiglass protective covers in the pharmacy, at the cash register in the store, in the office between the employees' desks. Check our visualizations.

Visualizations and standard dimensions

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