Large-format printing house


Kreativia invests in the best printing machines, offering all technologies under one roof. Latex / UV / Sublimation We deliver products of the highest quality with selected materials. We do not simply care about the client, but we also care about environmental solutions and recycling.

Our sample book


Highest quality printing on films, papers, vinyl fabrics. Printing scentless and ecological internal decoration. Excellent colour saturation when printing for highlights.


HP Latex 3100

width of print 320cm scentless and environmentally friendly technology - photographic quality CMYK LC LM

HP Latex 370

width of print 160cm scentless and environmentally friendly technology - photographic quality CMYK LC LM


Printing on rigid substrates such as: PVC rigid and foam, PMMA, polycarbonate, composite boards, furniture boards, plywood, glass, and many others. Printing in CMYK LC LM and in the white colour with various types of converting and printing, all in an unbeatable quality offered by Durst P10.


Durst P10 200

width of print 205cm rigid materials and roll materials printing in white CMYK LC LM + White


We print in the water technology, both directly and through sublimation. Print width up to 320 cm in one panel gives the possibility of printing large format fabric for use as a stretch graphics. The world of fabrics knows no limitations. We print flexed graphics, also for highlights, images, flags, pennants, umbrellas, deck chairs, bags and much more. Print quality, colour saturation, as well as durability give and softness of graphics bring results that are impossible for other printing technologies.


Mimaki TS500P-320

width of print 320cm sublimation printing on transfer paper eco-friendly printing with water inks CMYK

Mimaki TX300P-180

width of print 180cm printing directly on fabrics eco-friendly printing with water inks CMYK

Kalander Monti Antonio 91

width 320 cm transfer of prints from paper to fabric consolidation of printing on fabrics

Cutting and formatting

These two top-class ZUND cutters and CNC milling machine enable us to meet the quality and speed of cutting large format printing. Instrumentation and tools enable processing of both - fabrics and plastics.

Zund G3 3XL

workspace 321/320 cm modules for cutting and creasing cutting of entire rolls of fabric 320 cm - perfect precision of cutting any shape

Infotec 3020

workspace of 210x310cm cutting and milling of plastics cutting thickness of 100 mm

Zund G3 XL

workspace 223/320 cm modules for cutting and creasing - milling machine perfect precision of cutting cutting any shape

Summa T160

cutting width of 158cm suitable for cutting foil. excellent cutting precision active rotary knife

Bindery and finishing

In this section, we focus on our specialists who have years of experience in finishing large format printing. We do the framing, welding, sewing, budding, packing, and we do it all under the supervision of quality control department. Our automated sewing room allows for finishing and forming various shapes of printed fabrics.

Sewing machine Cronos Ultimate

automatic process of sewing ags automatic feeding of silicone rubbers needle cooling system contactless fabric guidance system

Eyeleting JOPEVI

automated eyeleting eyelets size 10 - 12mm metal and plastic eyelets