Models of 3D letters

We use broad assortment of materials for manufacturing of letters, such as: e.g. stainless steel, aluminium, plastics, alurapid tapes. We offer broad range of letters with back light feature. Our models are characterised by differentiation in terms of selection of materials to make the side. We propose different possibilities depending on individual needs.

Model K

Application of angular profile gives channel letters an interesting and unconventional look. Similarly to the triangular profile, it is distinguished by stiffness and the optional edge and side finishing in any RAL color.

Model Acrylic

This model is distinguished by minimalism and simplicity of the form giving a luxurious final appearance of the character. The letter is made of one piece of plexiglass block, with the side lacquered in any color. The only model that allows backlighting the side of the letter.

Model T

Application of triangular aluminum profile guarantees unique and the original finish of the letter. This profile is characterized by stiffness and the edge and side may be finished in any RAL color.

Model P

Letters made of aluminum tape are a very aesthetic and inexpensive solution. This model allows to bend any, even the most complicated shape. The feature of this model is the lack of a visible edge from the front. Recommended for more complex shapes, with long straight lines waving may occur.

Model D

This is the cheapest and easiest letter to produce in the offer. The tape has a double fold, which strengthens the whole construction and gives the letter an elegant look. The model allows creating even the most complex shapes.

Model N

Letters made of polished stainless steel is a very luxurious and yet an inexpensive solution. This model allows to bend any, even the most complicated shape. Letters do not have the edge.

Model Hallo

Letter with backlighting that offers very interesting visual effects. Letters are installed on extensions; this solution allows the light to spread and gives the effect of lightness and elegance.

Model Alu-P

This model does not have a visible edge and allows to create a large format letters.
Thicker colorless plexiglass gives an interesting effect of the shining edge of the front.

Model Alu-E

Very robust, yet aesthetic letter dedicated mainly for large formats. Side and back are welded entirely of aluminum. The front in this letter is embedded with the Elkamet tape.

Model Alu-K

Solid letter welded on the back and sides of aluminum sheet. It is designed for even larger forms, the front is placed within the aluminum frame welded in the shape of the letter. This solution gives the confidence of a solid front in large sizes.

Model Alu-B

Letter made in the flexible front technique, this allows to carry large spatial characters. The side of the letter is an aluminum profile that stretches the vinyl front. The letter is reinforced with an internal aluminum construction. Front letters are printed with graphics or colored foil.