Model Acrylic

Model Acrylic

This model is distinguished by minimalism and simplicity of the form giving a luxurious final appearance of the character. The letter is made of one piece of plexiglass block, with the side lacquered in any color. The only model that allows backlighting the side of the letter.

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Modelu Acrylic

Details of Model Acrylic

suggested height: 5 - 70 cm


suggested height: 5 - 70 cm
depth: 30 mm
side: spray painted in NCS colors
front: white or colored
optional backlight: front (F), back (B), front+back (FB)
high quality


- unique form
- small depth
- side lacquered with any color
- very high quality of workmanship
- monolith, without visible material combinations
- bok litery można polakierować

Cross section of Model Acrylic