Model Alu-B

Model Alu-B

Letter made in the flexible front technique, this allows to carry large spatial characters. The side of the letter is an aluminum profile that stretches the vinyl front. The letter is reinforced with an internal aluminum construction. Front letters are printed with graphics or colored foil.

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of Model Alu-B

Details of Model Alu-B

suggested height: 150-480cm


suggested height: 150-480cm
depth: 160, 300mm
front: vinyl fabric
rear: aluminum sheet 2mm / optional RAL painting
backlight: front (F)
use: exteriors and interiors

Advantages of Model Alu-B

- large size letters and symbols
- high resistance to mechanical damage - the vinyl material has an excellent
ability to diffuse light
- letter reinforced with internal aluminum

cross section of the Model Alu-B