Modulario – innovate exhibitions system

Modułowe stoiska targowe

MODULARIO is innovative multiple use fair stands
Meet the Modulario - modular fair stand construction system, a modern multiple-use exhibition solution.

Incredible easy to set up trade exhibition

One Modulario can give you so many solutions and possibilities!
Think reusable! That's totally new perspective to approach trade systems.


The stand components are packed
in convenient bags or boxes
to facilitate transport and prevent damages.


You can connect the stand walls in any way, forming a space tailored to your needs.


Racks, shelves, lamps, decorations and other useful accessories to your stand as a components.

Feel free to personalize your exhibition space

This is the modern system based on walls with textile graphics, optionally backlit with internal LED illumination, which enables easy assembly and ensures freedom of configuration. Add your accessories to make it more comfortable.
Use the convenient boxes in which you can pack the whole stand.

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Marta Jagodzińska

Modularly and without limitations

Enjoy freedom and possibilities while freely rearranging the system components and adjusting them to your exhibition concepts. How far you can go? Check our inspirations how to rearrange your Modulario system to use it during exhibition trades and, after that, in your main sales space!

Forget about impractical boards - use stretched fabric instead!

The key advantage of Modulario are walls made of high quality polyester fabric perfectly stretched on frames. The fabric with graphics printed on it, backlit from the inside, provides visual effects which have not been possible before. Just think how easy, fast and - most of all - cheap it can be for you to change the graphics and how many possibilities come with it!

Let's bright it from the inside!

Modulario LED 100 is the most advanced and versatile solution for the construction of stands. LEDs installed inside walls backlight graphics from within, which produces unprecedentedly amazing effect. Backlit walls attract attention and improve the way in which the entire stand is perceived. It also allows giving up additional external illumination.

Economic and environment-friendly solutions

Modulario is based on durable frames made of aluminium profiles which can be used over many years and then renovated or recycled. Graphics made of high quality polyester fabrics will last long enough to be used for many events. We respect our environment and your money, which is why we focus on responsible and sustainable fair stand construction. Be ECO - ecological and economical - with us!

Easy assembly - a key to self-reliance

An easy assembly system lets you put up your stand in a fast and efficient way while using a minimum amount of resources.

Get inspired by our layouts

Let the arrangements of our fair stands inspire you. We have designed several dozens of fair stand arrangements based on most popular exhibition spaces. Choose a perfect solution for yourself and let us prepare a customised design.

See our proposition of Modulario constructions arrangement. Download our catalogue.
Your choice

To own a stand or to lease it?
You can choose whether you want to own a stand or just lease it and whether you want to assemble it yourself or let us help you.


If you plane to attend fairs at least twice, it is worth buying your own stand.


You may also lease the stand and use it only when you need it.


Our system is really simply to assemble but you are also welcome to use the service of our professional team.

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