Sublimation Printing


Sublimation print technique

Digital printing has become very popular recently, which is due to its large capabilities. One of them is the sublimation technique, which consists in transferring of high quality and aesthetic graphics onto polymer surfaces. Also advertisements and variety of promotional materials are printed with this technique. A sublimation print allows transferring images, text and any graphics onto the materials.

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Polyester 115g

Polyester 210g


Summer 250g

Waterproof material which is ideal for applications on bags, deckchairs, hammocks, intended for permanent print with sublimation method, possibility of repeated washing of textile

Mesh flag

Material designed for external applications; advertisement made of this material is light-weight; it provides saturated colours of print; its fishnet design consists of multiple eyelets transferring the light and the air, advertisement may be placed on large buildings

Textile backlit

Delicately gleaming material is characterized by translucent texture that ideally diffuses the light; high tensile stress and resistance to atmospheric conditions

Effect of sublimation print

This print is considered unique due to its special chemical process, which takes place during its course. Inks used for the sublimation are the dyes that may be blended only with polyester fibres. When a particular pattern is impressed on the material in the so-called thermo-press, dyes are being heated and converted from solid to gaseous form. Then the polyester fibres are opening and attracting the dyes. Consequently, particular pattern does not stay on the surface of the material but penetrates it deeply. When the temperature drops, the polyester fibres are closing again and thus permanently accept the sublimation dye. The effect provided by the sublimation print is unique. Textiles are smooth in touch and the pattern visible on them is very sharply outlined.

Why it is worth using sublimation techniques

The main reason for which it is worth using this technique of print is its effect and durability. Fibres are permanently dyed. Thus the prints neither change a colour, fade nor crack. A sublimation print is a technique which does not require from us large financial resources and is not time consuming. In sublimation, we use full colour palette.